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Ula Reder

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My children love fitness also...
Teaching/qualifying the future...
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Personal Trainer/ Fitness Instructor

Weight Management

Mums Fitness

Disability / Exercise Prescription

Functional Training after Stroke

Older Adult

Sports Conditioning

General Fitness

A large portion of my clients require a way to reduce or manage their body fat levels, and some are struggling to find their fitness after becoming a mum. 

I do work with a percentage of clients who want to regain their balance and improve their posture, after illness or injury.

From 'Total Body Conditioning' to Indoor Cycling, I work with all groups, at all levels, including:


  • over 50's with Aquafit

  • Stroke survivors as a qualified  ARNI trainer

Other Fitness Related Qualifications:

(1999) Aerobic Instruction

(2000) Gym Instructor

(2001) Degree in Physical Education / Master in Sport Management

(2001) Massage and Bio Renovation

(2003) Exercise Prescription Instructor

(2014) Postural Stability Instructor

(2004) BACPR - Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

(2017) ARNI Instructor

(2010) Indoor Cycling Instructor

(2014) Weight Lifting Assistant Coach - Level 1

(2007) Working with Active Older People - Level 2

(2008) Exercise and Pregnancy 

(2012) Adapting Fitness for Adolescents

Training Tutor & Assessor

YMCA Training Academy 

Qualifying the next generation of Personal Trainers. If you are 16-19 year olds and would like to work in the fitness industry please get in touch with me.

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Online group sessions have become a favourite of mine...
Along with online personal training sessions...

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