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My aim is to prove that exercise can be enjoyable at any age, regardless of ability. I can find the right type of activity for your fitness goals.

- Ula Reder -

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I offer a range of invigorating exercise options that will challenge your body, motivate your mind, and improve your overall fitness and health. Check them out and book your spot today.

Check them out and book your spot today.

Tough Mum's fitness training with U R Fit

* Tough Mum's Session

Outdoor fitness session targeting mums who like to exercise while chatting with like-minded people. Stay consistent, learn new techniques and make some friends as well. All levels welcome - we can adapt and adjust to your needs. 

Body Conditioning class with U R Fit

* Body Conditioning Session

Regardless of being new to the world of fitness or not, there’s always something interesting to learn. Keep working towards your goals with a music-based lively class.

Over 50's fitness class with U R Fit

Over 50's Sessions

A fantastic seniors class with low impact exercises to improve strength, flexibility and mobility. Increase your stamina to assist day-to-day activities in a fun way. Join us online from the comfort of your house.

* Tough Mum's Session & Body Conditioning Sessions are merged into one during lockdown.

Class Schedule: Select a Day

Dec 11 - Dec 17















Client Testimonials

Working with Disabilities:

Weight training special needs
Personal Training special needs

From Anthony's Mum:


Our son Anthony who has special needs has benefited greatly with Ula’s attention and patience. She has adapted the appropriate routine and exercises that stimulate our son and keep him fit. Ula is certainly an important influence in our son’s development 

Fitness Training for special needs clients with U R Fit

Working with Rehabilitation 

Working with Paul:

found myself in Ula’s orbit when I attended a cardiac re-hab class she was teaching. After some time I asked if she would do some personal fitness training with me and about four years ago she agreed and has been doing so ever since. As an older guy I have observed age related deterioration in my balance, agility and energy. Ula has addressed this by modifying my fitness regime to keep it within the art of the possible but keeping it testing the boundaries of my declining physical capacity. My sessions with Ula have always been motivational, thoughtful and worth attending. She is an experienced older adults Personal Trainer. The girl done good!

Registered trainer for the ARNI institute

Working with Paul:

I found myself in Ula’s orbit when I attended a cardiac re-hab class she was teaching. Ula has addressed this by modifying my fitness regime to keep it within the art of the possible but keeping it testing the boundaries of my declining physical capacity. The girl done good!

Personal trainer for older adults

Working with Older Adults and General Fitness


I am quite a lazy person and find self motivation a challenge, especially during past year with the lockdowns but since Ula has started her zoom sessions and previously in our workouts in the gym before Covid, I have always looked forward to her class. The music is great, Ula's instructions are clear and after 45 min of hard work I feel a sense of achievement.


I have trained with Ula for years doing aerobic class for older clients. She's a superb trainer, enthusiastic and always very encouraging. I am 65 and find her session challenge to just the right level. She is a real inspiration and makes training fun - which is why she has so many loyal clients. The music is fabulous too!


I can heartily recommend Ula. I and a number of other over-50s (I am 72) regularly attended and very much enjoyed Ula's classes at the New Chiswick Pool. Even the least coordinated of us could easily follow her routines and the music was great - 50s/60s/70s pop. Ula has cleverly adapted these routines to the smaller spaces available to us at home and I, for one, am delighted to be able to participate in the class again.

Improve the fitness and daily function of those over 50 years old
Zoom fitness class for those over 50 years old
Over 50's group fitness training with highly qualifed personal trainer, Ula Reder

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Online Fitness training with Ula Reder from U R Fit
Personal Trainer for all levels, Ula Reder from U R Fit

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